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                                                                                               Financial Horizons Group is committed to independent advisors and their communities.
Leading with heart
Terri Kwan will tell you that a successful career isn’t defined by money. “You need two very important things to thrive,” she says, “a heart to help and the ability to help.” It’s exactly this sentiment that motivates her approach with clients.
Terri invests two to three hours with
each new client to understand their pain points and to discover where she can add value. Because Terri works with high-net- worth individuals who are intelligent and successful in their fields, she focuses on applying her experience and expertise to fill in the gaps. She offers a range of services to ensure her clients get the support they need. “I consider my clients’ core values and create a customized plan that aligns with their goals. Once my clients are happy, I’m happy.”
Creating a sense of comfort and trust
has turned many of her clients into close friends and has cultivated a business supported by referrals. Terri prefers a face- to-face approach, making herself available to clients whenever they need her. Working through a pandemic has changed that somewhat—as in-person conversations have migrated to phone and video
Allan Burgoyne
Family first
When speaking with Allan Burgoyne,
one thing is clear—family is everything. Allan is a true islander and has lived on Canada’s east coast his entire life. His voice perks up when he talks about his wife, three sons, and being near the water. “When my
platforms—but her commitment to staying connected with clients hasn’t wavered.
“Financial Horizons Group always wants to hear from advisors to learn and improve.”
While she has only been partnered with Financial Horizons Group for one year, Terri has already noticed a positive impact on her business. “I think it’s great that Financial Horizons Group always wants to hear from advisors to learn and improve.
It feels good to know they’re always there and committed to offering support, in addition to providing regular training and the most up-to-date industry information.”
Terri Kwan
As a busy mother, wife and business owner, Terri still finds time to stay
active in her community. She has been a long-time sponsor of the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant as Lecturer of Wealth Management, and recently joined the Fortune Leadership Council, which
raises funds for the Markham Stouffville Hospital and helps the York Region Chinese community. Terri also supports a charitable trust that helps emerging business owners.
In all of her pursuits, it’s clear that Terri leads with heart. She recalls a piece of advice she heard at an industry seminar about always choosing to be kind. “A lot of people are smart and successful” she says, “but to be smart and kind, is gold.”
ability to connect through conversation. He has been asked for business advice many times over the years and happily shares his insight—but while knowledge and application can be mimicked, the delivery will always be unique to the person delivering. In this way, his charismatic personality has taken him far.
“I feel very lucky to have such a close relationship with a company that treats my business like it’s their own.”
Financial Horizons Group has been instrumental in Burgoyne’s career—his relationship with the company has
deep roots. The story starts with three independent advisors who didn’t like where things were headed, so they partnered up with Financial Horizons Group.
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middle son was in grade four, he wrote me a letter declaring he would one day be my business partner,” he shares. Today, two of Allan’s sons work alongside him at Burgoyne Insurance, adding what he describes as a “whole other level” to the business.
Allan attributes much of his success to having a natural “gift for gab” and

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